FIX Protocol Training

FIX4wards can help train your technical and business staff in the use and operation of FIX protocol based applications and FIX engines. We can get your team up-to-speed and make them more effective via the provision of a company customized training class, or through registration on our core training course, FIX Fundamentals, which is run regularly through the year.

The FIX Fundamentals course is designed to provide attendees with little or no previous FIX experience a solid grounding in the use of FIX and the operation of FIX engines, the Session and Application layers, including core order and execution message flows.  Course contents include :-

  • Purpose and benefits of FIX
  • Message Constructs : Tag-Value-Pairs, Header-Body-Trailer, fields and data types
  • FIX Versions & usage across asset classes
  • FIX Session Layer in detail
  • Trading with FIX – buy and sell-side order and execution flows with acknowledgement, fill, and cancellation/correction state transitions explained in detail
  • Application differences between FIX4.2, FIX4.4, and FIX5.0
  • FIX Engine Versus Trading Application functionality
  • FIX to FIX (Hub and Spoke) Routing
  • Algorithmic Trading Definition Language (ATDL)
  • Rules of Engagement (ROE) Specification
  • Network Connectivity Options – Leased Line, VPN, Internet, Encryption, Cross-connects
  • Onboarding & Testing

More information on course content, pricing, and advanced or customized options are available upon request.
Our FIX Training Quick Reference Guide and Flyer can be found on our Downloads page.